I woke up so early few minutes before 5:55 AM! I decided to get ready and change my clothes! I went off to the RecPlex, which happens to be right next to the Marianist Hall, my residence hall that I happen to live in. I ran on a machine for an hour nonstop! What is my secret for running for that long? Well, it wouldn't be a secret if I tell you. But I will tell you anyways! Drink a lot of water! That means no soda/pop! Sugar and caffeine aren't good for you to drink with! That's what I think because I don't drink coffee! Breathe through your nose! Breathing through your mouth may exhaust yourself! Who knows? I did not write a science paper on how breathing through your mouth would exhaust you from keep going! That's two things that I would share with y'all! Woohoo!