While I am practicing Lent, I decide to start reflecting on what I can do to be better.

In the past few days, I have to face the reality.

1) I got an email from one of the people from UD's Program for Christian Leadership saying that she appreciated me applying for summer workshop counselor job but would like me to apply again next summer. This means that I did not get the summer job as I expected.

2) I was not having good grades in chemistry course. I had to drop it along with the lab course. Even I am doing well in the lab course, but I had to drop it along with lecture course because two of these go together. There would be no point for me to take the lab course while I am lacking information and understanding from the lecture course.

3) I spoke with my biology professor about my grades in biology. He said that it is not looking good. However, he said that he would like to see me improve big time since I recently dropped two courses. I will have more time in biology.

4) I thought about the fact that I may not come home in Virginia Beach until later this year, since I am thinking whenever or not to take the summer classes at UD to catch up with my chemistry and perhaps to get ahead with one or two more courses, so I will have more time in my next fall semester schedule.

In the next few days and beyond, I will plan what I can do better. So long!