Remembering Me?

When I was about to leave student-led forum on diversity this evening, someone stopped me asking me if I attended Anti-Racism 101 faculty-led panel discussion recently. I was surprised that someone remembered me, especially that I gave a brief comment in front of many people, saying that we should be judged solely on our characters and actions, not the color of our skin. But she was not the only one to remember me from one event. There was another person who also recognizes me, not from some event, but the University of Dayton Magazine. She told me that she recognizes me because she works for the UD Magazine, a national alumni magazine for many Dayton Flyers and friends of the university. I forgot that the magazine is currently printing its spring 2012 edition, which will include me as one of the feature stories! Oh yikes! Who knows what will that bring to over tens and tens of thousands of people around the world!