Revised Financial Aid

Today, I checked my online version of my financial aid. It has been revised by the UD's Office of the Financial Aid. On my first financial aid for the 2009-2010, I nearly passed out because of the massive loan offers. I immediately emailed and requested big change to my financial aid. I want loan offers off my financial aid. I do not want loans at all.

In my revised financial aid, I see that all of my loan offers were removed.

We all have heard stories about college students / graduates. They pay college with tremendous amount of money through scholarships, grants, employment, family's help, and of course LOANS!

I spoke with my friend weeks ago. He told me to pay for my own college by myself, without my family's help. By having loans. I was like whatttttttttttttt? What was he thinking? I was surprised. I really do not want loans. I wonder if some people actually know what loans are.

I know that having loans will have you to pay back money. I am not that naive like some people who think I should pay my own college with loans.

I can't afford to do loans until I have to. Hopefully NOT. My mother raised me to be humble about life. She even taught me to be careful with my money.

Remember that we, THE PEOPLE, are in control of ourselves. Money does not control us.

Don't forget that loans are not only things. There are scholarships, grants, and employments! They are great tools in paying off college!