Rock! Paper! Scissors!

I am working on my final English paper! So far, the draft is seven pages long with Time New Romans and double spaced! My limit is to get somewhere between eight to ten pages long. I do not think it should be a problem for me, because I am a writer and I will always find a way to get there.

I am done with my biology lab for the semester! I am left with three exams for biology lecture, calculus, philosophy. Plus an English portfolio of all of my papers I have written in this semester. I am looking forward to taking my three final exams and turning in my English portfolio!

I am missing my family terribly. I have not seen them in four long months! I am ready to go home to Virginia Beach, Virginia! I am leaving and moving out of campus on April 30 to go to Beavercreek, then I am off to home sweet home!