Rocky Start

Unbelievable. I wanted to know what my current grade for my chemistry lecture class is. After my morning exam, which is my calculus exam, I decided to drop by my chemistry professor's office. But he was not there. I went back to my dorm and emailed my professor to see what my current grade is like right now. He emailed me back saying that I would get a D for the semester, if I did not take the final exam today. If I do well on my exam, my grade would be a C. My chemistry lecture exam is my last exam for the semester.

I was blown away. I decided to take few minutes to think over. I kept telling myself that it is not end of the world. Chemistry lecture is the most challenging course for me.

But this is what I came for. I came to UD to be challenged.

Less than a year ago, I knew that University of Dayton is a good place to jumpstart my long term career of being an astronaut with medical field. I knew that I am going to unchart another chapter of my life. I knew that I cannot back down.

Now, I am right. I started my college years with a rocky semester. I am surprised to find some of my friends and classmates changing majors from premed to other majors. It is okay if they want to change majors. For me, I could. But I would not. I am not a fan of biology. I am also not a fan of chemistry.

Next year is going to be changed. I am going to change my study habit for chemistry and try to use Learning Teaching Center tutoring, if i can. Hopefully those will help me with my grades next semester.

I know that what I am doing is not just for me. It is for everyone.

I am attending college and taking classes to fulfill one of my long term goals.

I am doing this for my family, especially my parents, to set an American Dream.

I am doing this for all the deaf children in the world to show them that if I can do this, so can they.

I have one more exam to go then I am done for the fall semester.