Say What?

Today, I was chatting online with my UD friend and coworker, Mackenzie. She will also be another resident assistant from Marycrest, the same dorm building. I met her at the RA meeting in April. We are so excited to start the RA leadership institute. We will be flying in from different sides of America! Yep, we're from out of state!

What's so good about UD is that the tuition is equal to all the students from in state and out of state! There is no tuition difference between instate students and out of state students. UD is really a good school to go to!

Even the University of Dayton has over 10,000 students, how is it possible to meet a person, whose family member has a cochlear implant/s?

It is quite possible because I met at least three people. Two of them (one of them happens to be Mackenzie) has siblings with a cochlear implant. One of them has a father with a cochlear implant.

This is too good to be true! University of Dayton gave me an impression that anything is possible.

With only less than 28 days, I should spend time wisely with my family. I know that I will not see them again until Christmas. It is time for me to make my home stay worth the summer.