Saying Benjamin Franklin is what?

Today, I have an individual speaking project to give to the class. The whole class is assigned to give individual advocacy speeches. So mine, I decided to advocate for my classmates to write letters. In other words, I encouraged them to write letters by hand. So I gave a speech. And my classmates critiqued me and gave me paper feedbacks. Many of them think my speech is effective, HOWEVER, they don't think they would write letters because of what I said. Say WHAT! The point of advocacy speech to convince people to change their attitudes. Oh no! That makes sense! I may not do my speech well enough! Maybe it was because Benjamin Franklin was my homeboy? Yes, I told the class "he's my homeboy" simply because he wrote a lot of letters in the past. I even used a visual aid, involving a picture of Franklin! Oh well, we will see when I get back to UD after Easter Break! I am curious of what my professor has to say! I have not yet receive her paper feedback on my speech!