Second Time Around

Last Saturday, I arrived at Founders, one of the residence halls of UD! This time, not as a first year student, but a college sophomore! Founders is a final residence hall that have not been renovated yet. This past summer, some parts of VWK and entire Stuart Complex were renovated ! But not Founders! Yikes!

Today, I got a list of my first year floormates! Fifty first year students! Can you believe it? It is going to be a lot of work.

So far, today is the third day of my RA Leadership Institute. I learned a lot! I am still learning more.

Seriously, WOW! I got a big RA room, which has a split wall with a door. So I have a living room, bedroom, walk in closet, and a bathroom with a shower.

One thing for sure, I surely miss my family. I cannot believe my summer went by so fast.

The summer will go by so fast for those fifty floormates. My fifty floormates will experience their first time being away from home. And I will help them making a huge transition from high school to college and beyond.