Seeing My Big!

Big is a term used to call a fraternity/sorority mentor whenever an pledging member is going through a pledging process at any college environment. In my case, my fraternity Big, Andrew, graduated few years ago. We are still in touch since we will be big and little brothers for life! So Andrew decided to drop by at UD tonight to have fun just like the old times. He invited me to attend one of the house events in the student neighborhood! I know what you were thinking. A house party! You may think. As well as ON A TUESDAY NIGHT! Yes, that was an interesting situation! I wouldn't call it a house party. There were not that many people and no one was clearly doing crazy things! Anyways, I attended the event and saw my Big! We caught up with nice conversations that lasted hours! Well, two hours since I had to go back to my room to sleep! Also, I introduced Andrew to Thomas, who happens to be my Little's Little. So that makes four generations of fraternal brothers. 1)Andrew, 2)Jeremy, 3)Miles, 4a)Spencer, and 4b)Thomas! Spencer is Miles's first Little, then Miles picked up another Little, Thomas! Miles also showed up at the event! Four of us were talking! We wish that Spencer was here with us tonight! Overall, it was great seeing Andrew!