Sending out video messages to my friends

Today, I decided to send several video transmissions to my close friends and my Big. I recorded one video through my laptop and I recorded other one through my new camcorder.

I watched my two recordings of myself. I notice one same that is the same in both of these. My voice is the same. It is obvious that my voice sounds different to me, compare to other people I talk to and work with. I would not say that I have a different voice or an accent. Many people said that my voice is different. While many other said that my voice is not different and they said that I really don't have an accent.

I think that every single person is different. So everybody is different. Does it really matter what my voice sounds like? Because I can talk. Of course, my close friends and Big can understand what I said.

University of Dayton has a really interesting sense of community and I can't wait to go back to UD!

After today, I have 28 more days until I go back to AMAZING UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON for my resident assistant leadership institute.

I know that I cannot say enough about UD! haha