Signing Sunday! Woohoo!

I saw two dogs outside of Artstreet. I saw some of my brothers and other people surrounding those two small dogs. I approached and checked out the dogs with other people. One of the people waved at me. I looked up at her and waved back. I realized it was Jenny, who happens to be a roommate of Alex, one of my friends. Jenny and I signed back and forth in American Sign Language. Some people were staring at us because the language is obviously not commonly seen on campus! Like Alex, Jenny goes to a local community college. Jenny happens to be at Artstreet with her friend, who was one of the people responsible bringing two fun dogs to Artstreet. Jenny asked me if I have seen Alex. Okay, seriously, people need to stop asking me if I have been seeing Alex lately. Many people always assume that Alex and I are more than friends. We are just friends, nothing more seriously! I am surprised to find Jenny asking me because it seems to me that Jenny have not seen Alex for a long time. I found out that she did not see Alex since few weeks ago. Just wow. Even they live together in a cool apartment!