some things never change

Tonight, I went to a 'silent dinner,' which is a term for getting together in the food court in a selected mall for the deaf community event. I had a blast, talking with people I know.

There was one point during the event, where someone told me that I still need an American Sign Language interpreter. I am not surprised. I used to have American Sign Language interpreters. It does not mean that I should stop using American Sign Language. It is my choice to use this awesome language to communicate with specific deaf people who use the same language, especially my best friend.

This past school year at University of Dayton, I did not use an interpreter at all. Why? I like listening to my professors and speaking for myself. There is no need for me to have American Sign Language interpreter if I decide to use my cochlear implants in classroom settings and to use my voice to speak. To be honest, I have no problems, hearing others through my cochlear implants.

But someone who told me that I need an interpreter, also told me that I do not hear 100%. Well, I got news flash for that person, its my life and that person cannot tell me what I know is wrong. You may be wondering what I did? My response? I did not argue with her. I tried to get the topic off the table.

It is pointless for me to have a conversation about cochlear implants between me and other people who have different views. It is fine with me if we don't have a conversation about it because it is still controversial in the deaf community and all I want to do is to have fun.

All I have to do is to respect others who have different views and to remain humble.