Spring Break!

It is very awkward for me to blog during my spring break! I am at my friend & Beta brother Kevin's house. For those of you who do not know what Beta is, Beta is usually a nickname for a member from Beta Theta Pi.

What did I do for my spring break? I started my spring break a day early. I left the campus after my first class on Friday morning. My relatives from Beavercreek picked me up from my dorm and we drove all the way to Toronto, where some of my families live. I have not seen some of my family members in nearly two years. It was really nice to see them and rest of my families again. My relatives and I stayed there for few days then we came back to Beavercreek. They stayed for less than two nights then they went off to Wisconsin, leaving me in Beavercreek for rest of the spring break. I was home alone for half a day, then I decided to hang out with Kevin, who happens to live near Beavercreek area.

We had dinner at his family's house. His mother was kind enough to invite me to stay with them for rest of the spring break. I was very grateful to stay with them.

Now I am working on my philosophy assignment, which is reading 31 pages from one of the philosophical books. I cannot believe that I got a lot of assignments to do. At least, I finished nearly half of my assignments. I am not looking forward to the last weeks of school. But I am looking forward to come home for the second time!