St. Patrick's Day!

So today, the University of Dayton has multiple cool events on campus! Such as free food! There has been multiple cookouts held by many organizations on campus across the Student Neighborhood! There was one held by the Student Government Association in one of the houses in the Student Neighborhood! There was one held by Student Life, I believe, in Artstreet, where they also held student concerts! But I did not go! Instead, I walked around the entire Student Neighborhood, visiting friends and having fun! I even brought a camera with me to cherish today! I took many pictures! I counted at least 45 friends in my pictures! One of them wasn't even my friend! He just happened to be a guy I ran into and we decided to be good friends! We said okay! That's how community flies at UD! I wore a green T-shirt that happens to have a dragonzord from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! But hey! I tried to be an original! So I suspected no one would be wearing a green t-shirt with dragonzord! I had a blast hanging out with my friends! I will remember this day for the rest of my life! If I can!