Standing up!

I went to my second class today. Guess what people asked me if I am subbing for our professor. Woah woah woah! Hold on people! They got the wrong idea. I was all suited up. People confused me with my professor, who happened to be out that class session. He actually had two people from the department to observe and check on the class. Seriously, don't judge me by the cover of the book! Well people know who I was! I was one of their class mates this whole semester and yet they are telling me if I am subbing for our professor! Silly classmates. Other reason why people asked me is because I was standing behind the podium the whole time. I had no chair. Seriously, I really needed to sit but I stood the whole class and not worried a bit! I stood as part of my presentation since I had a group project with my group. The rest of my group, ironically sat down the whole time while I was standing up. Oh well!