Start of Easter Break!

I couldn't believe my eyes! My very last school break, the Easter break, before I graduate! One of my classmates told me to have a good Easter after our 2 PM class. I realize it is my very last school break! Yikes! I'll make sure that I will make my last school break productive and udproductive! I will be doing a lot this break! I will do laundry. I will recheck my room stuff and see if I need to give away or donate or discard! I will confirm my wonderful friend, Amanda, into the church! I will see Kevin and his family one last time! Kevin's family has been kind to me for having me over for their Easter and Thankgiving days! I will do my homework! I got papers to write, people! Whew! I will make sure I have time for my friends who are on campus and off campus as well! We will! No, actually! We shall celebrate! Happy Easter, everyone!