Stellae Dei Community!

I went to Immaculate Conception Chapel as one of the people there supporting the public announcement of young men and women who publicly committed a year in their lives as next community of lay Marianists! Their community is known as Stellae Dei Community. I believe Stellae Dei might've been a Latin for Star of God. I was there for Andrew, one of my Beta brothers, and several of my friends - Meagan, Jenny, and Justin. They committed with several other UD students. All of them will share their faith lives together and will pray together and come together physically and spiritually. After the special mass, many of us went to Torch Lounge to enjoy food and company. While I was sitting with my brother, Jared, a woman came up to me and held my right hand, asking me if I was that guy in the magazine. I told her YES. Of course, many people know that I appeared in the recent copy! She was telling me that she loved that story. There was another woman with her. That woman happened to be one of the people that just made a wonderful commitment. I introduced myself to her as she did same to me. I thought to myself, why did I introduce myself to her if she already know my name from the magazine! Oh well! Stellae Dei Community! Welcome to the world of Marianist lay Communities!