Taking Summer Classes

Taking chemistry lab and lecture certainly keeps me busy this summer.

My friends were surprised to find me that I dropped my chemistry lecture and lab last semester. I did for a good reason. I was failing the lecture. Even with the extra help, it did not help much.

I would rather fail with honesty than pass with cheating. I could not fail because I'm in UD's Premedical Program. Medical schools are very competitive on GPA. So I had to drop in order to avoid failing the semester.

I am taking chemistry and I will pass this time! I already had my local college chemistry classes approved by my dean's office. So I should not have any problem transferring credits.

Hopefully, I will not drop any more future classes at UD. I will do my best as always. For the next three years, it will not be like my first year of UD because I will work harder than the first year.