"Last Friday, I got to hang out with my friends, Tim and Molly. We decided to go out to a specific food restaurant. We walked from our dormitory hall to the Brown Street.

When we saw that restaurant, my friends were shocked to see the restaurant's appearance. They said that place looks ""shady."" (Come on! Never judge a book by its cover!) I was about to go in, but my friends said we should go to different place. But that restaurant has steamed rice! I've been ""sober"" without rice for more than three weeks. As a part of my Filipino heritage, I usually eat steamed rice everyday. I really miss steamed white rice!

My friends tried to cheer me up by a different solution: Chipotle. Oh yeah, I forgot about Chipotle, which is quite popular in Ohio. Chipotle has rice, but not steamed kind. My friends, Tim and Molly, are from Ohio. (I have to remember that I'm no longer in Virginia, I'm in Ohio now.) We ordered our food from Chipotle and Panera, then we went to ArtStreet Cafe to eat our food there. When we got there, the cafe was still open and we got to see Jackie, our other friend. We got to meet new people. We were lucky that we were able to hang out in the cafe, since it was Friday night and not a lot of people were there.

We ate there in the cafe. Once again, Chipotle burrito wasn't so bad. So Chipotle on the Brown Street is the good place to get food! (I should've ordered two burritos with rice inside!)

We all decided to see a movie in Studio B in ArtStreet. Studio B is a good place to hang out because you don't have to pay to get in to see a movie on a Friday night. We watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was a pretty good movie.

So, Friday night is always an awesome night to spend with your college friends.