Thank You Sister Schmeling!

Last evening, Sister Schmeling held a thank you dinner for all students and faculty & staff members who were involved with this past summer's New Student Orientation.

I thanked Sister Schmeling for having this wonderful thank you dinner at the end of the evening.

For those of you who do not know who she is, Sister Schmeling is UD's Vice President for Student Development AND Dean of Students.

I got to see my NSO leaders and teammates. I also got to share a table with faculty members from UD's Student Life. I exchanged conversations with them while we were eating at the table.

Of course, I had a blast seeing people and eating with them.

I don't often hear other universities where you have thank you dinner hosted by a dean of students.

UD may be expensive. Meeting people outside of university classrooms can be great experiences. Don't forget free foods! I make every moment at UD worth a penny.