The Avengers!

I know that I was supposed to be going back to my room and studying my butt off. I did not! Instead, I decided to go to Mike's apartment in Artstreet, an area in the Student Neighborhood that includes student apartments, a cafe, outdoor amphitheater, meeting rooms, music studio rooms, and more! I know that I should be studying! But hey, I did not have much homework due tomorrow so I decided to be your typical senior! I am not a typical senior for my last year at UD! I have been so involved with so many things! It is time for me to really relax! Yikes! One thing that I was interested in discussing with Mike is the incoming movie called the Avengers. Obviously, I can tell you that the Avengers is a real-live movie adaption of one of the greatest comic books of all time. I was discussing with Mike, trying to understand what is the point of putting superheroes in our world if we know that we cannot have real superheroes with superhuman powers! The real heroes in our world is real people doing both ordinary and extraordinary things! Mike told me that I should just watch it when it comes out and see what I think of it. We'll see about it!