The Avengers!

What's E-Team? You may ask yourself. To me, I would say that E-Team is a secret organization obsessed with making a world a better place for everyone. Nah, I wish. E-Team is a family thing for me, my two older brothers, and my cousins. You see, we call ourselves E-Team. That's what we are. I forgot the origin of how E-Team came into being. Well, I guess that I can call it a surprise and a mystery. Anyways, after the mass today, I went to the Greene one last time. Not with my friends this time. But with E-Team. The movie we were planning to watch? The Avengers! To be honest, I couldn't watch the entire movie. Even, I did watch the movie, I could not even process the movie. Why? I am going to graduate within 12 hours. Just wow. You can say that adrenaline pumped through me during the movie, preventing me from understanding a single thing in the movie. Yikes!