The Last Encounter with the Living Legend!

And he is not your typical friend. He is a 88-year-old Marianist priest who have taught Christian marriage for more than a century and counseled so many brilliant individuals and couples about relationships. His name is Father Burns, one of living legends at the University of Dayton. I made a walk all the way to University of Dayton Arena. Guess what? I did not continuously walk all the way. Rather, I made an important stop to visit an old friend of mine, literally and figuratively. That stop happens to be a house off campus. A house inhabited by several wonderful members of the Marianist Family. Of course, Father Burns is one of them. I was supposed to introduce my family to him. I guess we didn't have much time. My extended family just arrived in Dayton, checking in their hotels. I gave Father Burns, a bad news. However, he said it was okay and he wanted me to tell my mother that she raised a good son. Oh wow! Thank you so much, Father Burns, I will miss you!