There Was A Leak!

My floormates would have kicked my dorm door down to save my life. Only if there was a real fire in the building.

What they did this morning around 2:30 PM is that they tried to wake me up through cell phone and knocking.

My roommate was not here this morning. I slept through a fire alarm that resulted from leaked streaming water pipe in the Meyer's front stairwell.

Three of my floormates called me through my cell phone. I did not wear my sound processors, which are external components of cochlear implants that enable me to receive sounds to hear. I usually do not wear my sound processors when I am sleeping. AND my phone is set to silence. So I slept, not knowing that some of my floormates - Tyler, Sheehan, Jordan, Nick, Luc and Shea - are trying to save my life. They called me and knocked on my door.

I decided to take action on my own, when I found out there was a fire alarm this morning. I talked with my resident advisor Geoff and I decided to contact several people, including area coordinator and representative from housing service.

Hopefully, I will get something that would help me with fire alarm.