This is not a goodbye, Alex!

I had a great time hosting my graduation party in Culp's Cafe. Guess what? The night was not over for me. One of my guests at the party happens to be Alex, one of my closest friends. She stayed after the party with me. She was the last guest to leave. Alex does not attend the University of Dayton. She attends Sinclair Community College and plans to transfer from SCC to the Ohio State University. She decided to stay for extra hours with me for the rest of the evening to see me one last time. So we did and we hung out for a while, talking about us and the future. It was another bittersweet moment for me, seeing her one last time, not knowing what future would bring for both of us. It was hard for me. I know I should've look for jobs or even graduate schools in Dayton or Columbus. But there is no excuse and no turning back. I really appreciate having Alex as a close friend. So we'll see what will happen to each of us. I'll miss you, Alex! Just don't forget me!