Transformers 2

I cannot believe it. I don't even want to see the movie since too much television and Internet commericals showing off pieces and bits from the Transformers 2.

I never watch Transformers cartoon when I was little. I think Transformers toys were made wayyy before I was even born. My oldest brother, Jake, is a big fan of Transformers. He used to have those crazy toys when he was a kid.

Yet my two older brothers bought me a ticket, even I was not expecting to watch the movie at midnight. I'm very grateful and flattered but they shouldn't have bought me a ticket. But its not right to turn down which they already bought. So I have a ticket for midnight showing of Transformers 2. CRAZY!

Oh, did I mention that my brothers gave me a gift of Star Trek nonreplica blue uniform? I did not see that coming but I'll bring that costume to UD so I can show off to my friends on Halloween weekend and hopefully not get into a fight with Star Wars fanboys/girls. haha

My brothers also gave me a gift of another year of allowing me to use cell phone where I don't have to pay and they just pay for my cell phone usage.

I gonna get ready to stay away because I heard that Transformers 2 is more than two hours long!