So this morning, two teachers told me that I will be giving four students a spelling test. I was okay with it. So they gave me four students. Five of us sat down around a small table. All of them decided to talk back and forth during the test. I once told them if they want to go back to class. They all went quiet and we proceeded to spelling test. I was literally surprised by what kids are learning in these days. I was giving them a spelling test that involves words that are more than seven letters each. Those kids are in the 2nd grade! Just wow! So when we were done with spelling test, I checked each paper to make sure all of them completed their test. Three of them did and one of them did not. Look like someone has a problem with me! Guess what I did? I sent all four back to their class and I had a small chat with one of thier teachers, talking about this particular student. Turns out that he just moved in with his family from other country. Oh, that changed my perspective on him. I told the teacher that I would be more than happy to help students, especially him, to speak out and write down words to prove their literacy skills. That's what I do on Mondays and Fridays! To help out with literacy skills among 2nd graders! I feel like that I should've changed my major from premed to education with English and journalism! Oh well, that is too late for now!