Unexpected Breakfast Time!

I had a breakfast tray on my hands, a Sunday newspaper under my right arm, and a heavy bookbag on my back. My friend, Dan decided to call me across the room and told me to join him and his family in nearly deserted dining hall! I forgot that this weekend is a Little Sibs weekend. I notice that Dan has his brother and sister with him. Their parents were there as well. As I pulled up a chair, I decided to fill in my foundation cup with water. I left the family for a moment and I came back. During my brief absence, my friend took the liberty to tell his whole family about my letter-writing campaign. Oh my stars and garters! I did not expect him to say such thing to his family. His parents and his sister asked me a lot of questions about my letterwriting and how I came to UD. They were surprised that I am from Virginia Beach! Yep, still a beach boy and proud! We had a great time having breakfast and discussion together. It was nice of Dan to invite me and his family. Even I was supposed to be working on my 10-page paper! Yokes!