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I just found out my floormates saw me sleeping on my bed with my door opened wide. Thanks to Jared, my roommate, who forgot to close the door!

Some of my floormates never saw me sleeping. Some of them even laughed for no reason.

I cannot really blame Jared for not closing the door. He has a lot of things going on. So I cannot blame him for that. I just left him to be. We may not be best buddies but we are really good friends with common ideas.

Yesterday was my first time logging on Virtual Orientation, UD's online social network for incoming freshmen. Being on Virtual Orientation for the first time in six months since I last logged off as an incoming freshman on campus brought back memories. I am on VO because I was given a New Student Orientation chair position as a Virtual Orientation Moderator for Class of 2013!

That is where I met my roommate. I met him on VO last spring. My first impression of looking at his VO profile is that he is really into ROTC. How did I start knowing him? I sent him a VO message, introducing myself. Then we started talking on AOL Instant Messenger. At the end of our first long AOL conversation, he brought up the idea of being roommates. I was telling him that it is a great idea and I will think about it and get back to him whenever he is online next time in few days.

Within few weeks, we decided to tell each other what we expect if we decided to be roommates. I asked him if he got meningitis shot, if he plans to party a lot, if he does not mind having a Catholic roommate, if he does not mind having our room clean as possible so we can bring in the ladies, and rest of the list go on.

We have a lot in common than we originally thought. We both had our meningitis shots. We do party but not in our room. We both believe in God in different ways since he comes from Christian background and I come from Marian, Catholic background. We do not mind that we have different religious beliefs. We like clean room. Again, rest of the list go on.

I started calling/texting him. We texted a lot about what to bring to our rooms that can be shared by both of us. We also emailed a lot about whenever or not if our beds should be bunked and where we should live. I have read positive things about living in Stuart. I asked him where we should live. He told me Stuart Complex. Even I only have been to the Marianist Hall. Even housing department does not put us upon our request, each of us emailed to them saying that we would like to roommate together and to live in Stuart.

Within other weeks, we found out that we are going to live on the highest floor in Stuart. I was shocked to find out that I am living on the HIGHEST floor on campus! I was also shocked to find out that I am going to live on the same floor with some people that I talked with through Virtual Orientation.

Then when August came, I decided to meet him in person before moving in. Thanks to my friend Emily, who I also met through VO, she was kind enough to drive me to the Greene outdoor mall from my relative's house and to join me and Jared for dinner.

I found Jared in the military book section of the bookstore. Umm, I know that he told me that he weighs more than me online but when I first met him in person, he is way taller than me! He was very nice dude. Oh yes, did I mention that he and Emily introduce me to Chipotle for the first time?

Within the first few months, we both developed a good roommate relationship and a friendship.

Virtual Orientation did a lot of good things for me. Oh yes! Did I mention that is where I got my first UD job? Yes that job is what I am doing since September: MyLife At UD! I did not really find the job and apply for it. My boss was kind enough to saw my question response about journalism in one of the VO forums. She emailed me asking me if I would like to blog as one of the students for MyLife At UD website. I was completely blown away. I filled out right away and over the last summer, I found out that I got the job!

As for friends, I met a lot of them in person after agreeing to meet them after VO. But making friends does not end through VO. I am making more friends since day 1, without help of VO!

Virtual Orientation may not be Facebook or MySpace. Virtual Orientation may be old school network. But it is a fantastic tool for many incoming freshmen for UD for many years to come.