VWK Kettering Wrap!

I went to VWK Dining Hall this noon to have a lunch with Tom, one of my Beta brothers. I wish today's weather is much better because I had to wear a raincoat and I still got wet by raindrops all over my body from my glasses to my boots! Anyways, I ordered a chicken wrap called VWK Kettering Wrap, which consists of chicken tenders, sliced tomato, ranch, and cut lettuces. I was planning to eat a cereal for my lunch because I did not eat my breakfast this morning. Tom convinced me to eat a lunch meal instead because it would look unusual for a person in the dining hall eating a cereal at lunch time! That would be have been hilarious! Tom was actually impressed that I look so much different than two months ago. I was wearing three different shirts, hiding the real fact that I am getting bit thinner! Tom knows that I try to go to the RecPlex every morning. I did this morning for total of two hours of working out! Yikes! I told him that I saw Brother Ray. He does not know who he is. Umm, Brother Ray is university president before Dr. Curran! I thought UD students should know the history of UD! The lunch was fun. We exchanged a lot of information about what is going on with each other's social and academic lives! I even mentioned me graduating! NOOOO!