Wah Fu! ! !


Last night, my friend Audrey came to see me. We went to Wah Fu, a Chinese restaurant down the Brown Street. Brown Street is a street right by the University of Dayton. It is a good place for students, families, and friends to eat out.

For those who are in high school, you may be asking yourself ""will I be in touch with my friends back home?"" Right there is a gray line. I lost touch with most of my friends from back home. However, I am in touch with some of my friends, whom I know since when I was young. Audrey is one of them.

When she came, I showed her my room in Founders. Then we walked to Wah Fu. I told her that Wah Fu reminds me of an old restaurant from the 1970's. Wah Fu is a good place. If not, then the best. Wah Fu has the delicious dishes. Those dishes are nowhere expensive but rather reasonable.

Before our dishes, we ordered soups. We were so hungry that we cannot wait for our meals. Soups are the best way to get ready.

We ordered a dish of sweet & sour shrimp and a dish of chicken & broccoli. Each of us got a bowl of steamy white rice. We tasted each dish. We agreed that those dishes are very delicious.

We talked about what we have been doing. Audrey works for the Air Force and I study at the UD. We told each other very interesting tales. We had a blast.