waking up from a nap

"I can't believe that I woke up from a long nap few hours ago.

I had a headache earlier today. I did not want to take medicine for it. So I went off to sleep around 6.

Then I woke up at 12ish. I missed a dinner. I recalled that I told Jake to bring home my favorite food. My oldest brother works at Cheesecake Factory as a host. I ate ""fish and chips"" along with cole slaw. It was not bad as ""fish and chips"" at UNO Chicago Grill.

I had an online conversation with Shea, one of my closest UD friends. I told him that I just woke up. And he told me that he's going off to bed. I was thinking about talking to him about his recent interview. He is going to start volutneering in a hospital.

I never thought that Shea would be interested in medicine. But hey, here he is! I told him before that being a premedicine major is a lot of work. If he decides to change his major from undecided to premedicine by end of this summer, I'll be there for him if he needs any help on first year being in premedicine program. That's what friends is for.

Yep, today's July 1. I have a month and seven days until I move in my new room. I cannot believe it! I did well with my chemistry classes over the summer. I still have work to do.

Even through I can't believe a lot of stuff, I can always wake up.

Happy July 1st!