Watching the Movie Adaptation

My professor has this movie listed in the semester syllabus that is scheduled this week. The movie is the Passion of the Christ. It is clear that this movie is very controversial when it came out many years ago. It is clear that this movie is relevant to our class lecture and discussion. The film tells the last twelve hours of Jesus Christ. I often did not want to see this movie because I already knew how Christ died. I do not need to be reminded by such sorrow and violence of His story. My favorite scenes in the movie include scenes exchanged between Mary and Jesus. Mother and her son always have interesting relationship throughout history of mankind. Mary and Jesus are among the most known. We did not finish the showing this evening. Look like we will finish the showing in next class session. After that class session, it is likely that me and many classmates will discuss about how Christ was depicted in the film compared to how he was depicted in the Bible.