What A Day!

"I have been busy this weekend! And yet, I still have a lot of work to do!

Today, I went to the mass in the Alumni Hall Chapel. Then I came back to my dorm to work on my assignments. Then I went off to my pledge meeting in the afternoon. Some of the current Beta brothers and the ""pledge"" brothers were there. The ""pledge"" class was holding nominations and elections for the ""pledge"" class officers: president, vice president, and secretary. I was not interested in any of those. Apparently, after Marco won a position as the president and Kevin won a position as a vice president, John, who is one of my ""pledge"" brothers, nominated me to be a secretary. I did not realize who nominated me until he told me. WHY SECRETARY! I thought to myself. There is no way I could do a good job in being a secretary. I told my ""pledge"" class that I can be a good candidate because I used to be ""outstanding and dedicated journalist"" for my local newspaper. I told them that communication is very important. Most of them voted me to be secretary for our ""pledge"" class. I was surprised.

At least, I did not tell them that I used to be a class president and good presenter back in high school. Haha. There are many things that UD people do not know about me.

After the meeting is over, I head back to my dorm once again. I found out that I had to finish my application for UD's Endowed Scholarship and my application for UD's Program for Christian Leadership as a summer workshop counselor. Plus more work on my assignments, which prevented me from going to group session for chemistry and Greek 101 meeting, which is important for me to be part of my fraternity.

I thought to myself, ""How in the world did I get into this big ball of mess!""

I have to go now! More work needs to be done at night! There is no way I am going to pull all nighter!