What a fantastic night!

Tonight was my first time serenading!

Yes, I did serenade! Not by just myself, of course. But with some of my fraternity brothers and some of my pledge brothers!

I must say that I never see that many beautiful ladies in one huge room. They were watching and listening to my brothers and me singing several Beta songs. Those beautiful ladies happen to be members of Chi Omega sorority. My brothers and I were singing for them. I tried to count but it looked like there were over 80 beautiful ladies.

After my brothers and I finished our songs, each of us held two pink roses. We passed out one to each beautiful lady.

Like my brothers, I did my part. Even I was literally speechless after singing, I walked around and gave one pink rose to one beautiful lady, and then I walked a little further and gave another pink rose to another beautiful lady. I did ask each of them for their name and told them my name. With one issue, I just completely forgot their names. I pounded my head against my closet for that. I cannot believe that I am such an idiot!

I will surely remember the name of the first sorority that I serenaded with my brothers: Chi Omega!

I am proud to be a Beta! I did have good time singing with my brothers and seeing all the beautiful ladies smiling at us.

Hopefully I will complete my pledge initiation to be one of the Beta brothers! Thanks to my Beta brothers for recruiting me into the fraternity! Thanks to some of my fraternity brothers and some of my pledge brothers for serenading tonight. Thanks to awesome beautiful ladies of Chi Omega for enjoying, smiling, and listening to us singing.