What are the Odds?

"One of the many good things about college is to have long good conversations - ones that would last until 2 in the morning - with friends!

So last night up to this early morning, I had a really interesting conversation with my good friend, Kate.

I hung out at her room as usual. We talked about our past lives, before we started college. Then, all of the sudden, something came up to Kate's mind. She told me that she has to show me something. She picked up her stuffed animal bear. She asked me to guess the name of the bear, which she has since she was a baby. I had no single clue. She said the answer is obvious. I still had no clue.

She told me that it is Jeremy. My jaw dropped and I was wide-eyed.

She told me that she never met anyone named Jeremy. I'm the first Jeremy that she met.

I noticed that the stuffed bear is light brown, which is one of my favorite colors!

What are the odds of having her stuffed friend to lead her to a real friend with the same name?

I told her that I am obsessed with one line from my favorite television series, LOST. This line is ""We have to go back, KATE!"" This line was spoken by one of the characters in an episode, which was aired a year ago.

What are the odds of me finding a friend with the same name?

Seems to me that I am here at UD, more than just being academic student. I am here at UD to be a good friend to others. Maybe, there is more to UD, on what it has stored for me and others.

I am surprised by this truly bizarre connection. I told Kate that we are somehow meant to be friends. College is a good place to find friendships that would last forever. "