When Technology Goes Bad

I cannot believe this is happening to me. Right now, I am trying so hard to make my external hard drive work. I got 500 GB external hard drive for Christmas.

This is one of every college student's worst nightmares. Not having your external hard drive work. External hard drive is very important to me because I cannot rely on my laptop, just to save all of my information. I have heard stories where Tangent laptops failed to work. But lucky, University of Dayton is great enough to have good technology support team known as the UDit.

I am not planning to discuss my problem about the external hard drive since it is personal and it has nothing to do with my Tangent laptop. However, several USB ports on my Tangent laptop might not work could be a problem. But I use my iPod and smaller portable hard drives, which means my USB ports seem working fine.

But still, I cannot believe this technology! Even I am very familiar with technology, since I use a video camera to film, I use my sound processors (external components of cochlear implants) to hear, I use movie maker to make a film, I use laptop to work on my class assignments, and the list goes on.

Hopefully, I will be able to find out the problem and have it fixed or replaced right away.