Where Is Mr. Clean When I Need Him?

Well, I do not really need Mr. Clean. So as my roommate Jared.

Seriously, people need to clean their dorm rooms! You have no idea how many rooms I have been to on campus that are unbelievable jungles of lost clothes, dust bunnies, rotten food, and smelly odor. DANG! I am not joking.

Jared and I decided to have clean room as always since the beginning of the school year. We usually clean out our sides of the room, our desks, our air, our carpet, and our floor.

I cannot stand seeing a mess! Messy room is my pet peeve!

College may be a good place to start independence from families and friends back home. But college is also a good place to start making one's decisions.

At least, my family raised me to make good decisions, which include making the room clean as possible. I would like to make a shout out to my wonderful family and of course Mr. Clean!