Where's Marianist Hall!

I was walking on a sidewalk next to Frericks' Way street. A fancy car drove by and stopped in the middle of the road. A driver asked me with a strong accent, telling me where is Marianist Hall. At first, I couldn't understand him because of his thick accent. I asked him again and he told me that it is Marianist Hall that he is looking for. I didn't tell him that is where I live but I told him where it is located on campus. I told him to turn another way around and go back to the intersection of Frericks' and Kiefaber. That is where he must turn left, which will lead him all the way to end of Kiefaber and the road of Evanston. I told him to turn left there and he will find Founders Hall. There, next to Founders Hall, exists Marianist Hall. He thanked me and drove off. Well, ladies and gentlemen, random strangers asking you for help and you give them the help they need is just a small part of community at the University of Dayton.