Wonderful Weather & Extraordinary Fraternity

I slept overnight for nothing but a snow day. I checked my email this morning and I found out that classes are cancelled. My first college snow day! I looked out my window to see what is out there. I saw countless snowflakes coming out of the dark sky.

Last night, I should have stayed longer at the Beta Theta Pi chapter house in the UD Ghetto. I had to leave early after the pledge because I have 8 AM class and the weather is getting crazy. I did not know that the classes are going be cancelled next day.

Yes, I got pledged into a fraternity with other new pledges of Beta Theta Pi. I must say that last night's pledge induction ritual was very interesting and awesome! I am really excited to be part of Beta Theta Pi. It will not last just in my college years at UD, but also beyond. The pledge induction is just the beginning of becoming Beta brothers. Now me and other pledges are in process of becoming brothers in about eight weeks.

In the beginning, like many members of Beta Theta Pi, I was not thinking about joining a fraternity. Meeting the brothers - especially president Andrew, another Andrew, Jason, Philip, Tim and many others of Beta Theta Pi is extraordinary! (I'm sorry, my Beta brothers! I could list all of the names here but I'm still in the process of learning and memorizing all of your names. Maybe one day, I will be able to list every single current brother of Beta Theta Pi in one of my future blogs. It is a Beta promise that I intend to try!) They all made me feel like I belong in this fraternity, considering the fact that Beta Theta Pi is an EXTRAORDINARY fraternity of men of principle.

I have very high respect and admiration for my diverse Beta brothers and pledges. Now I know that it is not just me that has an interesting life. I may be a guy from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I may be a deaf guy who can hear through cochlear implants. I may be a man of countless talents, such as journalism, a bit of aerospace engineering, cooking, filming, fluency in American Sign Language, and many more. I may be a hardworking student who has planned his entire future just to be an astronaut someday. Hearing who my Beta brothers are during my recruitment made me realize that I am not alone in this interesting world, where everyone has an interesting stories, experiences, and talents to share.

When I first settled in UD, I knew that I will not leave in four years with just a college degree. Now I know that I will leave UD with many things, including multiple friendships and a lifelong brotherhood of Beta Theta Pi! Hopefully, I will become a brother of Beta Theta Pi in weeks to come!