Writing a Research Proposal

"Right now, I am working on my first draft of my research proposal. It is very interesting and I really enjoy writing an English assignment.

My research proposal is about my topic, astronaut mission specialist with medical field. My English 102 professor gave my class an large assignment of this semester that includes research plan, research proposal, and research paper.

Even it is easy, but it is a lot of work. English course is the last course that I would procrastinate doing all the listed assignments.

Speaking of my English 102 professor, I was really surprised when I had a meeting with him last week's Monday. I was considering leaving my pledge process to have more time in my grades. He told me that I should not leave my final week as a ""pledge."" He told me that his father is a Beta and went to Miami University. I was surprised as if this is a sign from God, saying that I should stay with my fraternity, Beta Theta Pi.

Anyways, I really enjoy writing my first draft of my research proposal for the past week. Now, I have to print my four-page paper and extra two-page work cited paper. So long! "