YES! ! ! Go Betas!

"Today is another happiest day in my fraternity chapter. Less than an hour ago, my fraternity colony, the Dayton Colony of Beta Theta Pi, got our charter granted by the undergraduate delegates of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity!

My fraternity chapter is no longer called ""The Dayton Colony."" ""Eta Delta"" is now the name of my chapter! YES! I'm so excited! WOOOOOO!

Thanks to Brother Taylor for letting me know. We were talking on Facebook and he found out that our chapter's charter got granted!

I immediately texted my other ten brothers: Brother Janek, Brother Vargas-Avila, Brother Schambach, Brother Rogers, Brother Shah, Brother Llanos-Echenique, Brother Reese, Brother McGinnis, Brother Scott, and Brother Koening, informing them that we got our charter granted and we got a name for our chapter. These ten brothers and I are the recent newest members of Beta Theta Pi. We got initiated into our fraternity in recent March.

Then I texted my Big, Brother Gerbetz, letting him know that we had another happiest day in our lives! I talked to Brother Baker, who just came home today from Africa. And many others.

I really cannot contain myself with all the excitement. My chapter will surely remember July 31, 2009, the day that my chapter got the charter granted!