Another Basketball Season Flown By

My Life: Joey


Though the basketball season is not completely over, the regular season for the Dayton Flyers ended with a victory over Duquesne on Saturday. With tha... More

The disappointment with MidTerm Break

My Life: Joey


"Two weekends ago, the University of Dayton gave us a midterm break, well if you want to call it a break. They gave us a Friday off, giving us a three... More

3 year losing streak coming to an end

My Life: Joey


It came on Wednesday night, Dayton Arena packed with over 13,000 fans. Heart beating fast, at any moment feeling like it could come out of my chest. A... More

Big Game Tomorrow Night

My Life: Joey


So, the most anticipated game for mens basketball here at UD is tomorrow, Wednesday, February 11, at 700 pm on ESPN2. We are playing Xavier, and after... More

About my snowday

My Life: Joey


Though its a few days after, I would like to talk about the first snow day of the year. It honestly could not have happened at a better time. The day ... More

Yet another weekend that is flying by

My Life: Joey


I woke up this morning realizing the sad fact that it was Sunday already.All it really means is that all my procrastinating for homework has to be don... More

Back into the swing of things after a long weekend

My Life: Joey


While most people had a three day weekend because of Martin Luther King Day, I ended up having a four day weekend as my one class on Tuesday was cance... More

Not such a lame weekend after all

My Life: Joey


Well besides the fact the weather people were wrong about the snow we were supposed to get, as well as the disappointing loss our basketball team had ... More

First Week is Over

My Life: Joey


As expected, the first week of class went by slow. Though for some reason, this week seemed like an eternity. Maybe its having five classes on a Frida... More

Ok I guess it is fine, its time for the year 2009

My Life: Joey


Although we are already five days into the new year, today was the first day of the spring semester. After a short two weeks off, it was pretty hard t... More

Thanksgiving Break

My Life: Joey


Thanksgiving break has come and passed. I fortunately had the chance to go back home for a few days and enjoy the holiday with my family and friends. ... More

Basketball Season Opener

My Life: Joey


College basketball is in full swing all over the U.S. including UD. Sunday night, we opened up our season with Wofford. I was there, courtside seats, ... More

Election Day

My Life: Joey


I would assume that many people are aware of the importance of today, November 4th. It is election day, and the tempo and atmosphere on campus is diff... More

Time Well Spent

My Life: Joey


Although its the day before the start of a new week of class, this Sunday is relaxing. My family just left to start the long nine to ten hour drive ba... More

Parents Weekend is Almost Here

My Life: Joey


Probably one of my favorite weekends out of the whole school year is coming up soon. This weekend, as you can see, is parents weekend. By the name, I ... More