Prepping for Basketball Season


| Athletics

An Elite 8 run and a round of 32 run. Wow. How excited am I for basketball season to start up again, you ask? I CAN’T WAIT! The Flyers return mo...

Life is Hectic!


| Students

It gets hectic, I tell ya! Sometimes I wonder if I put too much on my plate this semester. The past couple weeks have been crazy! Last night, I was ta...

Friends Become Family


| Students

When you go to college, no matter where you end up, you’ll make friends. 

Halloween at UD


| Campus and Community

Halloween in college is extremely anticipated. Alongside St. Patrick’s day, the excitement surrounding the fright filled day is at its peak amon...

Halloween at Kings Island


| Students

It was a cold and rainy day, but that didn't stop us...

A Message of Self-Care: From an Old Senior to Rising Freshmen


| Health

Tests. Papers. Presentations. Work. Practices. Meetings. Studying. Followed by more tests…

College can be a juggling act. 

Growing Up


Growing up. As kids, we are all eager to enter the adult world and leave behind the trials of playground banter and fights in the classroom over crayo...

Founder's Day the Kappa Delta Way


| Campus and Community

As 20 of us sisters piled into our cars this past Sunday afternoon, in our dressy attire with our pins over our hearts, we all headed out to the Founder's day luncheon that we were privilidged to be apart of!

I Can Breathe Again!


| Education

Phew. After a long week I can finally just sit and enjoy my bed.

Who Says You Can't Go Home?


| Students

College is great and all, but sometimes there's nothing wrong with a little homesickness!

Young's Jersey Dairy


| Culture and Society

Homemade ice cream, baby goats, and a corn maze that goes on for a while...

Growing in Faith Together


| Campus and Community

There is a quote (accompanied by many other wonderful ones) on the beautiful wall of CrossRoads Ministry. It reads:

"I don’t know what your destiny will be, but I know one thing – the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve” – Albert Sweitzer 

What is beautiful about this quote is its essence. Recognizing that the human experience is completely unpredictable and sought to be carried out by the one making the rule: God. 

Finding Your Niche


| Athletics

To me, Dayton sports have a much stronger meaning compared to others on campus. When I moved into my dorm freshman year, I learned that all 5 men...

Sunday Twist


| Catholic

The National Hispanic Heritage Month, a period where the contributions of Hispanics and Latinos are recognized, was celebrated from September 15 to Oc...

You Again?!


| Students

I just saw you!