New experiences, new friends, new life


| Catholic, Campus and Community

The transition from high school to college can be pretty scary and there is no way around it. However, there are a few things that can help you throug...

A Little Too Early on a Saturday Morning...


| Service and Giving

After a long week of classes, the only thing on the minds of many students is sleep. Whether that means a long nap after their last class on Friday or...



| Campus and Community

Get your home cooked meals while you can at home, but rest assured that you will be well fed at UD. You will have the comfort of knowing that, although it’s not mom’s famous stir fry, you’ll still get your fill with UD’s yummy food spots!

Hard Labor on Labor Day


| Culture and Society

The Triforce of Friendship set off at 5 pm Friday afternoon to travel down i-75 to the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. Snuggled in the back with Alex's pillow pet and my laptop full of movies, I settled in for what I believed was going to be a 6 hr trip. And boy was I wrong.

Up the Orgs Away!


| Campus and Community

A million emails later....

Up The Orgs


| Campus and Community

As students heading to college are told, college is about exploration in many different forms; figuring out what one wants to do with their life and how to better themselves are the biggest quests of all..

Dayton, Here We Come!


| Campus and Community

Tax-Free weekend has come and gone and the smell of number two pencils is in the air. Summer is coming to a close and while K-12 students are dreading...

The Busy East To The Wild West


| Culture and Society

So here’s to the rest of summer and enjoying every moment of everyday before we crank down on classes!

I Either Go To Vermont To Ski Or Enjoy The Scenery


| Energy and Environment

As we drive down the road approaching the white house and green shutters sitting on a little bit of a hill with the cows roaming the back ground and the red barn that stands to the left as we turn into the circular drive, there is no other feeling I get except the feeling of being home

A Sunset On The Sea


| Energy and Environment

My favorite food on the coast is a good ’ole New England Clam Chowder...

Impromtu Trip To Newport Rhode Island With My Mother!


| Culture and Society

Newport RI is a great place to visit with history, beautiful views and plenty of attractions and, if you enjoy sailing, this is the community for you!

Finding Truth


| Students

You know how they say that you find your real friends in college? Wanna know why that is? In high school, you probably had one true best friend. You t...

My Favorite Place To Be In Upstate NY


| Culture and Society

Cooperstown is also filled with a lot of culture...

Summer Adventures


| Culture and Society

When I have days off, I like to treat myself to a little adventure. A few weeks ago, I traveled along what seems like a deserted highway in Iowa. It r...

An OWL For The Summer


| Fine Arts

This internship has helped me to grow and I am excited for whatever steps come next as I continue as a photography student at the University of Dayton!