3 year losing streak coming to an end

It came on Wednesday night, Dayton Arena packed with over 13,000 fans. Heart beating fast, at any moment feeling like it could come out of my chest. At the music starts, I run out with the letter T flag in D-A-Y-T-O-N. The chills ran down my entire body as a roaring arena cheered and screamed as the Dayton Flyers basketball team ran out onto the court. The rival was Xavier. Easily, this is the biggest game of the year, and after losing the last six meetings with them, it was time we proved a point that not only could we play with them, but we deserve a spot in the top 25 rankings.

The game started and our point guard London Warren went up for a layup, got fouled while making the basket. It was from then on we controlled the game in every aspect. Xavier never had a lead at any point in the game, and as the game neared its end, we all realized that the losing streak to Xavier had been broken. No longer could other people criticize the Flyers basketball team for losing to Xavier, not this night. Tonight we came out victorious with a 71-58 vwin against a #14 ranked Xavier.

It was something special to witness the losing streak come to an end as well as continuing our home winning streak to 16 games. Another fact about the game was that we had not beaten Xavier by that amount of points since 1980, almost 30 years ago. For those of you who were there, the 13,000 plus fans waving towels was a sight in the roaring arena. I seriously encourage if anybody ever has a chance to go to a UD Flyers game, take the oppurtunity because it usually ends up having an exciting ending.

As always be safe and make good choices