A Different Look at Campus

With finals over and majority of the students home for break, I see the campus in a different viewÂ….quiet. For the first time in months, UDÂ’s campus seems deserted, as if a virus came through and I along with a few others are the only ones left. You have seen the movies like 28 days later where there are only a few survivors right? Ok, well thank goodness that is not exaclty my situation, however the feeling of being alone lingers. The reason I am still on campus you ask? Well, because I do cheerleading, I have to stay for the basketball games that are over break, so I will be here until Wednesday before I get to go home. But as I was saying before, it is weird being on campus with only a few other people. The campus of UD is always lively and upbeat, but at the moment, it seems deserted and even a eery feeling.

It has been nice to do absolutley nothing in regards to schoolwork. I have been able to catch up on sleep that I was deprived of from the last few weeks of the semester, especially during finals week.

We had a game on Saturday in which the Dayton Flyers got a solid home win to add to their 7-3 record. Hopefully the winning continues into tonights game. The start of the season has not been the greatest, but with each game we seem to be playing better as a team. By the time conference play starts, I feel that we will be much better than at the beginning of the season. We all enjoy seeing our teams be successful and would like to see them go to the NCAA tournament or the NIT.

For me personally, I enjoy post-season because it means I get to travel with the team. Last year when we won the NIT, we went to University of Cincinnatti, University of Illinois, and then to the Big Apple for the final two games. Being able to miss class is always a plus, but its also the team bonding that happens with the other cheerleaders which ends up being really nice. Especially on long trips, it gives everyone an oppurtunity to get to know eachother better and maybe even find out some stuff you didnÂ’t know about that person.

I hope everyone is having a good break and being able to spend time with family and friends. I canÂ’t wait to see my family in a few days. Well, IÂ’m going to get some food before heading to the Arena. LetÂ’s hope we can pull off another win tonight! Go Dayton Flyers!