A disappointing day of college football for me...

"Waking up to a cloudless sky, the sun shining bright, and everybody pumped for college football is a great thing. The day started off great, getting to sleep in, and just hanging out for a little while. Around one my friend Brandon and I took the shuttle bus over to Welcome Stadium where we watch the Dayton Flyers play the season opener against Urbana. It was a really close game, and we were winning 10-7 when I left in the 4th quarter. I thought, ""well hopefully we will hold on to the lead for a little bit longer and win the game"". Sadly though, I found out later we ended up losing the game. Though I do love Dayton sports, I am a huge Notre Dame fan. And well, it was the Notre Dame-Michigan game that caused me grief.

Brandon and I ate dinner at the Marycrest dorm cafeteria, where we watched the game. The lead changed numerous times throughout the game and at one point, the Irish were down 11 points in the 4th quarter, but miraculously scored twice to take the lead. I thought it was inevitable for them to win and break the losing streak of over a decade of losing at Ann Arbor. Unfortunately I was wrong. With less than thirty seconds to go, Michigan scored a touchdown, beating my team. Some may think its dumb to take football so seriously, but well thats their opinion. I guess all I can say is ""oh well, hope we win next week"". Though I was disappointed, I won't let it last long.

We are having some good friends come over to celebrate 4 birthdays, so hanging out with friends will be nice. Hopefully all goes well for the rest of the day. As for everyone else, hope that Saturday proves to be enjoyable for you.

God Bless and Go Flyers

Be safe and make good choices!"