A Good But Busy Tuesday

It was an early start for me today, as I woke up around 8:15 am to head over to the library so I could print off a few things like powerpoint presentations and notes for some of the classes today. I would normally just print them off from my printer..... but my computer (the Tangent-yeah I'm guessing you haven't heard of it either) has not been working very well lately, so I decided to pay a few cents and have a computer and printer that ran smoothly. I had my Nutrition and Health class at 9, and so far I am enjoying the class, considering it relates directly towards being an Exercise Science major. Nutrition has always interested me, so I think this class will be a great oppurutunity for myself to learn more about this intriguing subject.

With my hour and half break before my next class, I worked on accounting homework. Let me just say, I hate accounting. There is nothing that interests me about it, but I got to stick with it since its required for my major. I would have to say my second least favorite class is the Computer Applications class that I had at noon. Since we have to have our computers in the class, of course I'm going to get on the internet and search in the sports news world, hit up facebook, and well any other websites that capture my attention. Although this is probably not the best decision for me, its so hard to pay attention when the subject matter does not appeal to my senses. My last class of the day was my Aerobic Conditioning class. This class I also have great interest in as well, we get to exercise, learn about different forms and techniques, and well get graded for it. Today was pretty easy, we just had to run for twenty minutes, so it was nothing too drastic, but still got a good sweat in the cool, breezy day.

Though my day of classes ended, my actual day was not. I rushed back to my house, where I grabbed some food along with a shower before I went to work. I work at Twigs Gymnastics, where I teach tumbling and co-ed stunting. Everything went pretty smoothly. I love to help kids and teenagers reach their tumbling goals, and to see them succeed in what they want to do is a great feeling. I have been working there since last October, and I can't say I have many complaints about it. At last, work was over, and well it's now 1:30 am, and I'm still doing homework. But its ok, it has been a good day, with hopefully another to come tomorrow.

As always, Be safe and Make Good Choices!